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Our Mission

Our Mission
  • We are a local Grove in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona and are affiliated with the Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF). The ADF is an international neo-pagan organization based in the United States devoted to creating a public tradition of Neo-Pagan Druidry. We walk an earth-based, polytheistic and spiritual path modeled after the practices of the ancient Indo-Europeans.  Our practices are a combination of modern neo-pagan ways and scholarly research.

    Neo-pagan Druidry offers a spiritual path in which we balance reverence with mirth and fun. Eight times a year we celebrate the turning of the seasons in solemn, but joyful, rituals that are open to all like-minded folks.  
  • We also promote scholarship and study of ancient Indo-European practices. We meet regularly to explore the best of modern archeological, historical, sociological and religious research, and discuss how this information is relevant to our lives today.

    Membership in our grove is open to all who are interested in aligning with the cycles of Nature as we grow in knowledge, awareness, and reverence of the Gods and Goddesses.

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